The Warzone Dialectogram Zine

£1.50 plus postage at the Black Fox Boox shop.

The Warzone Collective is an anti-sectarian punk anarchist organisation active in Belfast since the 1980s. Their most recent social centre was evicted and demolished in 2018 in order to make way for student flats, leaving a hole in the fabric of Belfast’s anti-sectarian alternative culture.

Before it closed, Jim Donaghey engaged in a process of creative ethnography with the Warzone Collective to produce a dialectogram of the ‘The Centre’ – this is an A0 floor-plan diagram of the space, inscribed with graphic representations of the life and activism of the Warzone Collective. See a digital version online here:

The dialectogram has been published as an A2-size fold-out zine, accompanied with an essay on punk in Belfast and its relationship to nostalgia, sectarianism, the legacy of the Troubles conflict, and gentrification.